CFO Services

The role of the Chief Financial Officer Services (CFO Services) has never been more important or more broadly defined. We forge a proactive, value-added partnership that supports decision-making throughout the company. We plan and facilitate your fund flow requirements to be met so the business can continue sustained growth.
The CFO and finance area will continually improve your company’s efficiency.
Role of CFO encompasses
• Budgets and Forecasting
• Cash Flow Management
• Key Performance Indicators
• Financial Analysis and Modeling
• Financing
• Special Projects
• Liasion with banks

For organisations looking to avail of CFO services at various stages of their evolution & growth, RightFOCUS is THE professional partner to count on!
We can prepare and present your case better; walk the corridors of the banks to get you those funding limits that is crucial take you business to the next step.
Our part time CFO services are suitable for small and medium businesses to better manage your financials. It saves your cost and time.
We can also arrange for fulltime CFO’s for a few months or permanent basis.
RightFocus CFO Services also include
• Internal Audit of Accounts, procedures and other aspects;
• Standard Operating Procedures
• Business Valuations
• Support to understand financial implications while concluding important deals, negotiations and contracts
• Investors and Foreign Collaborations.

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